Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Ask Question

Are you an Australian based company?
Please advise your business base or target market.
How can you help my online marketing?
A successful Internet marketing campaign may drive organic traffic to web pages, but it also may involve the use of paid advertising on search engines and other pages, as well as building high quality web pages to engage and persuade customers, addressing technical issues that may hinder search engines from crawling, setting up analytics programs to measure successes, and improving a site’s conversion rate.
So you can make my website rank 1st with any search term?
Northstar can improve your traffic results through careful analysis of reports and targeted SEO. Be wary of companies promising you a Google rank of #1 – especially those charging you ongoing monthly or yearly fees to achieve this. Improving your search results in Google is generally a long process taking months.
How much does Northstar charge for this service?
Prices vary depending on the project. During the consultation stage we can discuss with you exactly what goals you would like to achieve, and how we can meet them
What’s the difference between hosting and domain registration?
A domain name is the website address you purchase and register (e.g. www.webedge.com.au) and the hosting is where you store that address along with all your website content files. The best way to break this down is to think of hosting as the house you live in, and the domain name as the unique street address of that house.
How will I access my e-mails?
You will have full access 24/7 to your e-mails via webmail by logging into www.yoursite.com.au/webmail from any Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari).
What is the average cost for website?
Website design cost depends on your requirement, you need a static website, dynamic website or Shopping cart website. How many pages do you need in a website? How many products do we need to add in shopping cart website? As we specialise in custom design so we need 1 -2 example websites links of your choice to understand your liking. After knowing all above points we can give you right cost for your website
How long does it take to design and create a website?
Time to create a website depends on customer’s availability to give feedback. If customer is regularly in touch with our project manager then website can take 2-4 weeks’ time. We can deliver websites in less than 2-4 weeks if customer has any urgency of website or landing page to be created and go live.
Can you revise or finish my incomplete website?
Yes can finish incomplete website if files are given as per requirement and yes we can modify or revise existing website as per need of business.
I’m not local in your area. Can you still make my company website?
Yes we can deliver website anywhere in Australia, we are just a phone call or email away. We have our customer base in all around the country.
How can I sell my products online?
Shopping cart website will sell products online. You need promote your website online to make your website popular so would be customers can find your business online and buy from your website. So specialise in shopping cart websites design n development. Once website is ready then we do full online marketing of the website to make it search engine friendly.
How do I purchase a domain name for my business?
We will guide you how and from where to book domain. We always let our customer book the domain name as after booking then you will have control of your domain. We can guide you which domain name can be beneficial for your business as per Google and search engine online brand reputation.
What is WordPress?
Word Press is a CMS - content management system. It is based on computer language PHP. This CMS is most user friendly and Google friendly open source to develop websites.
Do you use and purchase pre-made themes?
We specialise in custom designing which Google supported as well because by custom designing website will have it’s own HTML coding, CSS, and other files. We can use theme if customer wants to use any particular one as per own choice.
Do you work with other platforms like WordPress, eCommerce, Joomla?
Yes we do custom development in PHP, we use Wordpress CMS, Joomla CMS and other as per need. Ecommerce websites can also be developed in these CMS.
Which is better PHP or Python?
Both language has it’s own value so both are good. It all depend what needs to be developed, how much time and quotation is project based on.
Why custom web design is important?
Custom web design or bespoke website design goes hand in hand with UX. In that, you are creating a platform for specific users with specific needs that achieve specific client business goals that cannot be solved with an off the shelf template.
How do you track project progress?
We keep to a timeline through our Cloud-based project management system and shared timelines, updating you at key project milestones and we supply you with a detailed project schedule to follow.
Do you develop e-commerce websites?
Yes, we do and we use Woocommerce, Laravel, Magento or Shopify. We integrate these with Stripe, AfterPay, eWay and PayPal payment gateways.
Do you provide ongoing support?
Our website code is covered by a 60 day warranty for any bug fixes. Beyond this we provide monthly ongoing maintenance plans as required, or discounted pre-purchased hours on retainer, please enquire info@northstarsolutions.com.au It all depends on the amount of maintenance you require per month.
Why should I choose Northstar?
You should choose Northstar because we are forward thinking creative strategists and business minded professionals. We care about the end result for your business case and we involve you in the process. We are also highly creative and passionate people. We design & create with commitment to a business cause, it shows in the final product and our customers notice.
What is Google PageSpeed insights?
Google Insights is a tool which tells website loading speed on browser. It depends on how website designing and development coding is done? What size images have been used? Better website loading speed will give better customer experience and Google results.
What is SEO?
SEO is short form of search engine optimisation. It is technique which is used to make websites rank on Google and other search engines. For more info please visit our SEO page
How can I increase my brand reputation?
Brand reputation is highly needed for businesses to generate more leads and hold a good value in market. There are techniques which we use to give a brand value on online/digital platform for more information please visit our online reputation service page.
How can I improve my keywords ranking?
Websites should be user friendly and search engine friendly. To improve keywords good rankings and quality traffic on website we use our SEO and SMO techniques. So you need to use our services to improve your keywords rankings. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.
Can you guarantee Google’s first page ranking?
Yes first page Google rankings will be achieved it will depend on industry, keywords selection and as per our guidelines for website. We follow Google algorithm to achieve first page rankings, we use strategic guidelines for content writing for the website and for blogs. When we optimise website best possible as per search engine algorithm and have user and Google friendly content then yes first page ranking can be achieved. We have number of customers who are ranking on first page of search engine.
What is ongoing maintenance cost of the website?

There are two types of fee can be paid monthly or yearly.

Domain – Customer need to book the domain and pay as per choice monthly or yearly.

Hosting – same customer need to book either their own hosting or our suggested hosting and it can be paid monthly or yearly.

We deliver website fully self-manageable so there is no ongoing cost to manage the website. We will provide backend manual with all instructions to manage website and for regular updates.

Will I get email id with hosting?
Yes you will get 3-4 emails ids with hosting package if you choose our suggested one. We will create your email ids and provide your instructions to set up your emails on your computer. And even give webmail link to access your emails. There is no extra cost for emails.
Who owns the website once it created?
You own your website. We will provide all instructions to manage your website. We will help you to book your own domain and hosting under your own name to have full control so you are not depending on any company or no company owns your domain or website files. It is fully secure service and our customers really like it. So you will have 100% your own control.
Will my website be mobile and other devices like tablet friendly?

Yes your website will be fully mobile friendly and responsive. We specialise in custom designing and mobile friendly website. And there is no extra cost for that.

Can you show some example websites?

Yes we can show you example websites which we have done for our customers and these are in different - different industries. Please visit our portfolio.

What is Google Listing? Can you list my business in Google with address?
Yes Google Listing is done through Google my business page to list your business address. This service will give visibility on Google map to your office address and contact number on Google when your users will search your business services or name.

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